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image of a square book with the title Poets of Metamorphosis - Poets of Metamorphosis

In these last years, the history of this theater company has been increasingly requested; mainly by the media or cultural and academic institutions. And it is certain that, nowadays, these tranches of its artistic life are paraded in several registers, from television to books and the internet.  

But this publication is, in itself, proof that, to date, no one has done this in such a professional and holistic way as the Oeiras City Hall.  

Fruit of the bond of trust, forged between the company and the municipality, this record is not only a book, but also a portal where both offer this journey to the collective legacy of Oeiras.

And why all this work, if all that is already past?

For the simple reason that we believe that by preserving our memories, we will be paving a more inspiring path towards the future. Not only for us, but especially for our future adventurers.

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