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This former army fort from the 1940’s was bought in December 2003 by the nomadic theater company Custom Circus to harbor the troupe, stock their scenery and technical structures, and park their 30 theatrical vehicle convoy.

In this enigmatic compound Custom Circus also aimed the creation of the first Portuguese Alternative Cultural Center, an autonomous community of independent artists, avant guarde aesthetics and show business subcultures. But since the fort was near to ruins such enterprise seemed unreachable.

Although, the future would prove otherwise and thanks to the troupe’s perseverance, the public support, the adherents and the courage of the first resident artistic collectives the Nirvana Studios community became a reality.

Using upcycling architectural techniques with the aim to preserve the archaeology industrial military heritage of the place, the reconstruction of the infrastructures and destroyed hangars was done by Custom Circus themselves. Between tours and seasons they created multipurpose studios, architecture with surreal decors derived from their shows.


A creative factory of tendencies with over 200 bands only in the Band Box project, this community is also an oasis for independent artists in the fields of theater, dance, performance, visual arts, TV, design and multimedia, although other enthusiastic collectives joined this movement such as extreme sports, motorcycle clubs, classic car and vintage clubs, environment activists, among others.


Beyond Custom Circus shows (around 600 shows performed in Nirvana Studios between 2004 and 2018) the community also harbors, supports and manage annually dozen of events with transdisciplinary junctions and spares its 30.000m2 of outdoor common areas for conceptual, activist and sportive events.


Nirvana Studios are open 365 days a year for everyone that wishes to visit these 3 hectares dedicated to alternative culture.


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