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Custom Café - Theater located in Nirvana Studios

This space was the main magazine of the former military barracks that in December 2003 was bought in ruins by the company  Custom Circus with self financing.
When restoring this warehouse, the company aimed to transform it into its own theatre, however, due to constant economic difficulties and a lot of itinerant work, its phased construction took 8 years.
But believing with perseverance worked miracles! The Custom Café , the mysterious theater that was condemned several times to not exist, finally opened in March 2012 with the show Le Cabaret Rock , an intensive production that received more than 40 thousand spectators in 2 consecutive years, thus signing the residence of this troupe of nomadic genesis.
Its surroundings transcend the conventional theatrical space and the transition from the company's underground imaginary to this room was the result of a genuine history so scenographic that the aesthetics that the Custom Circus represented in so many years on the road invade the visitor, from DieselPunk to Bizarre . chic
  and to SteamPunk .
The company took care to conserve and exhibit at Nirvana Studios many of the period artefacts from the former barracks, found during its excavations for the reconstruction and consolidation of the warehouses, including bombs (deactivated) and numerous industrial archaeological objects.

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