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LE CABARET ROCK ( On the scene )

Official Nirvana Studios show since 2012

  Mind-blowing and pure dynamite on stage, with surprising doses of madness, horror, parody and poetic decadence, detonated by the irreverent troupe that created this fantastic theatrical imaginary.

  This "must see it" has been institutionalized at the Custom Café Theatre since its premiere, attracting more than 40,000 spectators of multiple nationalities in the first two consecutive years.

  Le Cabaret Rock is a show that is always extravagant and without borders, truly multi-polar punk and never performed in the same way, because each night is unique!

GOING CRAZY (2021 - 2022)

  With the mission as the company's second Best Of, this show guaranteed the Custom Café Theater's resident lineup for two consecutive years. It was also an assertive audience thermometer for the next production: the long-awaited return of Le Cabaret Rock.  

GOING CRAZY (2020 - 2022.jpg
ART FOR PEACE (2022).jpg

ART FOR PEACE  (2021 - ... )

  The ART FOR PEACE concept was created around a gyroscopic sculpture by the company, based on the famous figure of the Vitruvius Man by Leonardo DaVinci. Through their characteristic post-apocalyptic art, Custom Circus emphasize in this transdisciplinary audiovisual work, the fact that an ideological division does not necessarily mean a disharmony of the whole.

​  That is, that the World can - and must - remain united by the sacred Human freedom, regardless of the symbols, colors, beliefs or forces that intend to deny it to the inhabitants of this planet. Which is, after all, a planet already 4.5 billion years old, whose own universal destiny is so much more superior than any ephemeral desire for territorial domination, coming from a handful of individuals.


  The approximately 99 tonnes of art in the play Loco'Motive are mainly dedicated to Motorcyclists; because in the 19th century, the steam locomotive emerged as the first motorized vehicle, deserving the name of Iron Horse; but decades later it was the motorcycle that embodied that title. Thus, in this installation, Custom Circus captured, through its post-apocalyptic aesthetics, the moment when the Motorcyclist came to symbolize freedom on wheels.

LOCO'MOTIVE (2020).jpg
ABSURDIUM (2017 - 2019).jpg


ABSURDIUM (2017 - 2019)

After many years of career and over 800 shows lived on stage, Custom Circus decided to reveal in Absurdium in a theatrical way before the public their mysterious venue: The Nirvana Studios which is off stage the company’s boldest project.


“The Performance" (2016 - 2019)

  Built as an apocalyptic bunker, this exhibition and its related performance is a roadshow visitable time capsule, conveyor of many ecological messages defying the public through an unusual Steampunk & Dieselpunk imaginary.

HERDEIROS do APOKALIPSE - A Performance (2016 - 2019).jpg
A VIAGEM (2015 - 2017).jpg


A VIAGEM - THE JOURNEY (2015 - 2017)

This production reached the same amount of crazyness seen in Le Cabaret Rock also with 2 years on stage. A Viagem (The Journey) was the first Best Of show from the troupe and was dedicated to their nostalgic nomadic period.


BIZARRE CHIC (2014 - 2015)

  It was already a promise when they tried to do it back in 2008 with Gigolo Dance, but it was with Bizarre Chic that Custom Circus decided to risk a 100% Steampunk mise-en-scéne plunged in the characteristic defiant and laconic music from the troupe.

BIZARRE CHIC (2014 - 2015).jpg
LE CABARET ROCK (2012 - 2013).jpg


LE CABARET ROCK (2012 - 2013)

This show was an extraordinary adventure witch took the company to the limit. Two intensive years on stage surpassing 40 thousand spectators at the Custom Café theater e some 100 shows on tour.

GIGOLO DANCE (2008 - 2011)

  This production marked the company’s definitive crossroad moment and it was thanks to this Burlesque Vaudeville Goth show that Custom Circus achieved their underground status as Cabaret Rockers.

GIGOLO DANCE (2008 - 2011).jpg
PERFORMERS do FOGO (2007 - 2009).jpg


FIRE PERFORMERS (2007 - 2009)

In a huge changing phase due to the international financial crisis, it's during this period that the troupe starts selling some of their theatrical vintage vehicles, forcing themselves to readapt their Dieselpunk arsenal and show structures in such way to enable them to perform on theaters and more intimate venues. This approach proved right in the next production: Gigolo Dance.


PRISONERS of THE BLUES (2006 - 2007)

  Due to the troupe’s dilemma regarding whether they remain nomads or prisoners of sedentariness to save their project Nirvana Studios, this show helped to germinate the first seeds of Cabaret Rock aesthetics.

PRISIONEIROS do BLUES (2006 - 2007).jpg
TEATRO SOBRE RODAS (2005 - 2010).jpg


THEATER on WHEELS (2005 2010)

  This 5 years nomadic show was the natural evolution of the anterior production Lua Cheia (Full Moon) and it was theatrically directed almost as a clash between Mad Max movies and the restrictive Portuguese laws which in automotive and show terms overloaded and narrowed fataly the troupe's work. These tours marked the company’s nomadic period highlight when the troupe travelled on a 30 vehicle convoy.


CUSTOM PARTY (2004 - 2010)

  In scenographyc terms this production emerged from the static side of show’s endings from Teatro Sobre Rodas (Theater on Wheels) and Lua Cheia (Full Moon), witch every night continued with a party featuring guest artists, hence by 2004 Custom Party was already a show on its own.

CUSTOM PARTY  (2004 - 2010).jpg
FULL MOON - LUA CHEIA (2004 - 2006).jpg


FULL MOON (2004 - 2006)

  All the script and settings from this show emerged from the novel A Saga da Roda (The Wheel’s Saga), where a scenographyc savage drive in entraps the public within an arena of bizarre vehicles geared up with strange mechanisms and characters: The Custom Circus.


CUSTOM PARADE (2003 - 2009)

  Multi production simultaneous bookings forced systematically to the splitting of the original troupe’s convoy and the creation of this parade show featuring Dieselpunk electric trios loaded with pyrotechs and multimedia structures.

CUSTOM PARADE (2003 - 2009).jpg
A SAGA da RODA (1992 - 2002).jpg


THE WHEEL'S SAGA  (1992 - 2002)

  This company’s biographic book in their imaginary state (because it was written way before in 1988) gave origin to the real Custom Circus in 2002, but meanwhile based upon this book were produced by the troupe’s founders countless performances, happenings and artistic installations in several events between 1992 and 2002.

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