In a future earth ravaged by human insanity, the lifestyle has once again become proudly nomadic.


Clans of motorcyclists, supported by caravan of trailers and trucks, guided by their druids, roam the vast desert that is now the Atlantic, escaping a devastating law that threatens freedom and life. It is up to Storm, Rocker and Blue, belonging to the most sacred tribe of the Wheels, to save the lifestyle, as the traditions and soul of all Tribes of the Wheel. But the Dark Lords have other plans for what remains of Mankind, where love, music, and individuality have no place. This is an immense story of The Wheel Saga.

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This Exhibition aims to show an imaginary that we hope will never happen. Seen through the eyes of our descendants, those who may be the Heirs of the Apocalypse and who invite us to observe their art and to visit their structural shelters adrift in a ruined amnestic world, where only lost objects and industrial traces emerge as witnesses of the past.


What we take for granted may be ephemeral if we are not careful. life will always be an experience where we are just guinea pigs of the present. Today we are waiting for the Earth to return to being green but waiting is not enough, we must act. Great conflicts have marked our history, the next one may mark the end ... Attention! It is still time to not enter this space that can challenge your opinions. But if you do not enter, you will never know ...

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In this installation the term "fame" is not used with its usual meaning but rather to level the alternative arts with the conventional ones, joining side by side eg Tatuadores with Musicians or Graffiters with Actors.


The Wall of Fame highlights characters from conceptual areas and arts that directly or indirectly helped in the consolidation of the Nirvana Studios community.

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With 80 random markers this tour reveals the history and origins of this space, its artistic movement and the route of those who created it.


Since 2004 Nirvana Studios pulsate every day! If your way of life is more alternative than normal or linked to the arts, you can even work and live here.


If you are curious about this community, find out more about us by doing the tour with the markers that interest you the most.

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The Collection & Installations

by Nirvana Studios © 2018